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We would love to hear from you! Here are a few reasons for sending us feedback:

1. Encouragement and feedback on our service:
Please let us know how you enjoyed the eLearning Program, which of the 5 courses helped you the most and what you think about the website. Your feedback is highly appreciated as it helps us to see the difference our service makes. All encouragements will be forwarded to the entire CSH team.
2. Join our team:
Please share with us if you would like to volunteer, join our support team, and help organizations in your area to become and remain Safer Havens Certified. To become a CSH volunteer trainer in your state you must have completed and passed the 5 courses and, preferably, been on a team that has implemented the CSH program within a church or youth organization that has become Safer Havens Certified. We would like to welcome you on the team.

3. Report suspicious activities:
If you have become aware of suspicious activities within a certain organization and you would like to inform Creating Safer Havens, then please use the contact form. It will be treated confidentially.

4. Send us news:
You may have come across news publications, articles, videos on the web or experienced a situation first-hand: we are interested to hear about child-abuse-cases, heroic rescues, court verdicts and simply anything which fights for the rights and for the protection of children.

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