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What can I do

As a member of the congregation, what can I do to help Create Safer Havens for children and youth at the church?

  • Support the church’s stand to protect children and youth from child sexual abuse.
  • Pray for children and youth.
  • Be aware of what is child abuse and child sexual abuse.
  • Be aware of who can be a child sexual abuser.
  • Be aware of signs and symptoms of child abuse.
  • Know your church’s child sexual abuse policies.
  • Volunteer to teach.
  • Take training and be available as a chaperon or a substitute.
  • If you suspect child sexual abuse at the church , report it immediately to the supervisor of children, or youth program director, or to the pastor.

As a parent, what can I do to help Create Safer Havens for children and youth at home?

  • Pray with your children and teach your children to pray.
  • Listen to children.
  • Have family meetings. Make sure each family member is allowed to have a voice.
  • Teach children to say no if someone tries to touch them in an inappropriate way.
  • Teach children and youth to report any child sexual abuse immediately to a safe adult.
  • Teach children to be aware of lures.
  • Be aware of adults who are highly interested in spending time alone with a child or youth.
  • Be aware if your child or teenager is hesitant to be around, or is uncomfortable when around, a particular older person or adult.
  • Keep ongoing communication with children and youth.

As a citizen, what can I do to help Create Safer Havens for children and youth in the community?

If you suspect child abuse or child sexual abuse, the goal is to protect the child from further abuse. You have the moral responsibility to report. You may be that child’s only hope. Your report is confidential.

  • If a child is in imminent danger, call 911, law enforcement, or the Child Protective Services Hotline immediately.
  • You only need to have reasonable suspicion to report.
  • You are not the investigator, the authorities are.
  • When calling, try to have as much information as possible, such as name of child, present location, telephone numbers.