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Coaches Cases
Longtime teacher and coach accused of sexual abuse


More has been learned about an investigation into a high-profile coach and teacher accused of sexually abusing multiple children.

It was a case brought to officials two years ago, but nothing was ever done. Now things are once again being investigated in Bemidji, Minnesota.

It was at Central Elementary school in Bemidji, Minnesota where the allegations of abuse took place.

On March 7, 2011, John Wangberg's school computer and camera were confiscated by the Bemidji police department, and upon examination the devices were found to contain 12 images which might be categorized as child erotica, yet Wangberg was never charged.

Now more victims have come forward. One victim told a mental health worker on December 3, 2012, that Mr. Wangberg had her in his office and she had taken her shirt off. The victim never released the information until now because she did not want to get in trouble.

It was these statements which allowed the police to conduct a search warrant on Wangberg’s house. Police say the investigation has been given to the County Attorney, and it is up to them to determine if charges will be filed.