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Former High School Principal Sentenced in Child Sex Abuse Case

Robert Paul Patton, the 44-year-old publisher of LGBTQ blog, was sentenced to two years in prison Monday after pleading no contest to the attempted first-degree sexual abuse of a 12-year-old boy, according to the Oregonian.

The former Sherwood High School principal was arrested on the sexual abuse charges on June 13, and again on July 18 after police allegedly found child pornography on his computer, Prosecutor Ryan Lufkin told PQ Monthly last August.

According to the prosecution’s probable cause affidavit, “… [Patton] slept in the same bed as [the child] and another male named Jonny. [The child] reported that he gave the defendant a hand job. Jonny, when interviewed, confirmed that the defendant and [the child] were sleeping in the bed together and kissing. [The child] reported that this occurred in the summer of 2011.”

The Oregonian reports that the victim testified against Patton and four other men accused of abusing him and that the other offenders received a range of sentences from probation to 25 years in prison.

This was not Patton’s first charge related to child sexual abuse. He was convicted in 2003 of two counts of sexual abuse in the third degree involving a 16-year-old boy and one count of possessing child pornography and sentenced to six months in prison and one year in a halfway house. He is a registered sex offender.