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Course 1 - How to Begin - Creating Safer Havens

Covers steps needed for Creating Safer Havens Certification.

  • Identify church team- Since church team members often move on, there must be not less than three members on a Child Sexual Abuse Prevention team, in order for a church to be certified.
  • An individual may take courses and receive certificates of completion,
    but not certification.
  • Tools are provided for Congregation presentation.
  • Establishes on-going training to maintain certification.
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Course 2 - Screening Policies and Procedures

Creating Safer Havens recommends that all staff and volunteer workers who interact with children and youth at a church, or any organization that provides services to children, be screened and fingerprinted. This includes custodians. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • Although fingerprinting is the most reliable for detecting sex offenders, other screenings may help expose those pedophiles who have not yet been caught, therefore alternative screenings are covered.
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Course 3 - Policies

  • A review of Creating Safer Havens recommended Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Policies and the rationale for each policy. Each policy is adopted or modified and approved by leadership.
  • The focus is on reducing the risk of Child Sexual Abuse from ever occurring on the church premises or at any church-related activity. Reducing the risk of liability.
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Course 4 - Procedures

  • The Creating Safer Havens procedures are reviewed for all policies and they are either adopted or modified.
  • Reporting procedures for Child Abuse and Child Sexual Abuse are covered. This includes reporting a pastor if there is reasonable suspicion that any pastor or children’s director is a sexual abuser of a minor or minors.
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Course 5 - Supervision - Watchman

Perpetrators move on when they are being watched and the Watchmen are watching! Safety is not automatic, we have responsibility and are accountable to God to take care of all God’s children.

We are to protect them from those who would rob them of their innocence if given the chance. Don’t give them that chance!

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