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Pediatricians/Therapists Cases
Pediatrician Earl Bradley receives 14 life sentences


Former Lewes-area pediatrician Earl B. Bradley, convicted of raping or abusing 85 girls and one boy over an 11-year period in brutal attacks he recorded and catalogued, received 14 life sentences today. Bradley, 58, plans to appeal his June conviction on the grounds that videos of the assaults were illegally seized from his office complex on Coastal Highway. If the appeal fails, today’s sentence will the seal the doom of the once-respected physician whose crimes rank him among the worst pedophiles in history.

Under Delaware law, Superior Court Judge William C. Carpenter Jr. had to sentence Bradley to life imprisonment without the possible of probation or early release because he was convicted of at least three counts of first-degree rape. After a one-day trial in June, Carpenter also found Bradley guilty of multiple counts of second-degree assault and sexual exploitation of a child. Almost all of Bradley’s victims were patients, prosecutors said.

In seeking the maximum possible sentence for Bradley, chief prosecutor Paula Ryan said today, "Earl Bradley committed unspeakable acts upon those who could not speak for themselves. He deliberately manipulated the parents of these children. He manipulated those who worked with him, and he repeatedly and intentionally --without remorse or hesitation – attacked and sexually assaulted toddlers and nonverbal children. To make indescribable and horrific matters even worse, he videotaped these incidents for his own perverse pleasure, endlessly editing and copying, permanently memorializing his attacks on these children for his own twisted collection."

During the so-called “stipulated trial," Bradley’s lawyers did not contest the authenticity of the videotaped rapes of his young patients, essentially admitting the crimes without actually doing so. A state police detective’s testimony brought victim’s relatives and other court observers to tears. The trooper said the videos show Bradley using mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on a few girls who were “ashen gray” from near-choking and suffocation after Bradley forced oral sex on them. They also show children in diapers screaming as they attempt in vain to escape from their doctor before he rapes them in an outbuilding at his office where he took children for candy and toys, he said. In one case, at his home, the video shows Bradley using nitrous oxide to keep a sleeping 7-year-old girl sedate during his attack, the trooper said.