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Pediatricians/Therapists Cases
Dr. Pedophile’s serial child sex abuse case ends


It's official - A serial child molester class action case involving Delaware, Pennsylvania and Maryland children settles.

A Wilmington, Delaware Superior Court trial judge has approved a $123,000,000 class action settlement for more than 900 victims of child sex abuse over a 15-year reign of terror and abuse by pediatrician Dr. Earl Bradley in Sussex County.

Serial child molester Dr. Bradley was convicted in August 2011 of multiple criminal counts of child rape involving his young patients (many were infants), and he was sentenced to 14 life terms plus 164 years of incarceration.

The 54-page settlement order appoints a mediator to distribute the funds to victims. The claims will be evaluated by the mediator and separated into five (5) categories based upon their severity. As stated previously, many of the victims were infants (the youngest victims were reported to be no older than 3 months of age).

These horrendous cases against Bradley were made easier to prove because of the pediatrician's meticulous documentation of his crimes on videotapes he kept in his office. These recordings were discovered by the police during their criminal investigation.