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Message to Children

To My Grandchildren,
Do you know what safe means?
To be free from danger!
When you are with Momma and Daddy you are safe. When you are with Grandma Donalda you are safe. You can be safe with many different people.

People who really love you will do everything they can to keep you safe.

Think of how you feel when you are with Grandma. Grandma treats you like a precious stone that is very valuable. You are more valuable than any precious stone in the world. You are worth more to me than anything I could ever buy.

Think of how you feel when Grandma hugs you. You feel warm and good and loved. That's because they are healthy hugs.

Think of how you feel when we play or read stories, sing songs or just share, or how Grandma holds you and hugs you when you get hurt.

These are all safe feelings. The same feelings you have with Mom and Dad. Good feelings: ☺
Happy feelings.

Not everyone is safe. ☹
Mom and Dad and Grandma want to protect you from danger, and keep you safe. We need you to help us. We need you to tell us if you have a bad feeling. ☹
Bad feelings ☹ are to help you. If someone touches you and you have a bad ☹ feeling, tell us.

You should not be with people where you don't feel safe.

Let Momma or Daddy or Grandma help you to decide and to know if someone is safe for. you to be with. But sometimes we won't know if you don't tell us how someone makes you feel. We all have people who make us feel uncomfortable sometimes. When we talk about it we can help each other know if it is safe to be with that person.

Say "Please listen to me" and we will listen.

I Love You Very Much!
☺God Bless each of you and forever keep you safe.

Grandma Donalda

© Copyright 1989 Donalda Shepardson