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Course 5 – Supervision – Watchman
Please complete your current Course (Course 1) before proceeding to the next Course (Course 2).
How to use the e-Learning platform:

  • The Course Overview on the left side shows which lessons and courses you have already done. The first point is always an short introduction to the course. The blue checkmarks mark a lesson if it is completed successfully. You can continue the course by pressing the start button at the end of the page, or simply by a click on the next task in the course overview page. Every lesson and exam checked, signifies that the course is completed.

  • The e-Learning Player is an Online-Tool that allows you to learn how to protect our children and youth. It is a easy step-by-step learning module with an user-friendly interface. The e-Learning Player is even optimized for iPads and other Tablets. It is separated into 5 courses, where each of them contains several lessons and exams. You just have to go through the lessons and then answer some questions about it in the following exams.

  • About Exam: After every lesson you will have to do an exam and the next lesson will be enabled if you passed the exam. You can simply restart an exam if you did not get everything right at the first try. The point of the exams is to make sure that you kept the important information in terms of child and youth safety in your mind. We expect this to be taken seriously, because the education through those courses is the key for creating child-safe enviroments.

  • How to graduate from each course: The lessons are very well structured, so that you will learn easily. Be attentive and you will pass the exams at the first try. In some parts of the courses you will find interesting media content, which will give you time to pause from learning. In Course 1 for example, there is a Video and a Booklet included. When every lesson and exam is completed in one course, you will be able to download your certificate and the next course will be enabled.

  • The entire curriculum is completed when all 5 courses are completed. For this you will also get your personal certificate and your training will be finished. Once you have completed the entire curriculum, you can be really proud of yourself. You will be able to create a safe enviroment for children and even recognize and understand those children who need help. This is your contribution to make it a better and safer world for our children and youth!

  • Go to "My Courses" to download your certificates.