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Church Related Cases
Former Youth Minister Pleads Guilty to Rape Sentenced to 40 years


On the eve of his trial on 13 charges of sex crimes against children, former Pineville church youth minister Angelo “Doogie” Golatt, age 29, pleaded guilty today, March 19, to four counts of forcible rape.

Ninth District Judge Tom Yeager sentenced Golatt to four concurrent prison terms of 40 years.

Golatt was a youth minister at Donahue Family Church in Pineville during much of the period from 2003 to 2007, when he was suspected of molesting and raping boys whose families were members of the now-closed church.

While the Golatt and his former wife were in Idaho, Golatt was charged by Jerome County prosecutors with two counts sexual abuse/exploitation of a vulnerable adult. Golatt pleaded down to a misdemeanor charge and spent a month in jail before skipping bail and returning to Louisiana in early 2007. An Idaho courthouse worker last year said authorities didn’t pursue extradition of Golatt because the crime was a misdemeanor.

The adult victim was a resident at a home for the mentally challenged – the Twin Falls, Idaho, branch of the Centers for Independent Living – where Golatt also worked in 2006.