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Church Related Cases
Church Daycare Volunteer Charged With Sexual Assault of a Child (


Police are looking for any more possible victims after a 19 year-old former church daycare volunteer was arrested on charges of aggravated sexual assault of a child under 6.

The alleged assault took place inside the children’s ministry at the Metropolitan Baptist Church in Lake Worth.

Court documents obtained by CBS11 say the victim, who is 4 years old, said a “boy put his mouth on him” and pointed to his crotch area.

The search warrant, obtained by CBS 11, says the boy told his mother what happened as they were leaving church.

When the family went back in, documents say the boy pointed at a teenage volunteer, 19-year-old Ryan Welborn, and the child’s mother went after him.

Welborn had to be put in a safe room, according to court documents, to separate him from the boy’s mother.

Court documents say the boy has had nightmares about the incident.

Police took DNA samples from both the child and Welborn, which were later analyzed.

Once police got the results, they obtained an arrest warrant.

Welborn was arrested on January 2nd and released under a $30,000 bond.