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Church Liabilities
Why is the Church Vulnerable to Liability?
  • By its very nature, churches are trusting institutions.
  • The Church provides a trusting atmosphere for child molesters.
  • Willing volunteers are almost always needed and often complete strangers are permitted to work with children.
  • No background checks or screening policies are normally followed.
  • The church may not have established policies and procedures to prevent child sexual abuse.
  • Often, there is a lack of proper supervision.
  • Church staff and volunteers lack education and training in child abuse, more specifically, child sexual abuse. They need to know the Church’s child abuse policies and procedures.
  • Most churches do not have insurance coverage that will protect the church from the liability created by child sexual abuse.
What can the Church do to Decrease Their Liability?
  • Take a positive stand to protect children and the church.

    “He who trusts in himself is a fool, but he who walks in wisdom is kept safe”. - Proverbs 28:26 (NIV)

  • Implement a Child Protection Program that provides risk management.
    1. Screen all workers working with children and youth.
    2. Maintain watchful supervision over children and youth.

      “Son of man, I have made you a watchman for the house of Israel”. - Ezekiel 3:17 – also 33:7 (NIV)

    3. Provide Education - Educate in child abuse and, more specifically, child sexual abuse.
    4. Provide Training - Train in policies and procedures adopted by the Pastor and Church Board.
    5. Report to authorities all sexual abuse allegations or suspicions.
    6. Appoint a media spokesperson, preferably a Senior Pastor, to represent the Church should there be allegations of child sexual abuse.
    7. Carry insurance policy providing liability coverage for child sexual abuse allegations.