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Child Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse is non-physical mistreatment that can scar the very heart of a child and may interfere with learning, cause behavioral problems and severe psychological harm. Emotional abuse occurs when a parent or caretaker’s behavior is excessive and distorted.

Emotional Abuse involves:

  • Telling a child they are worthless, stupid, clumsy or lazy
  • Withholding love – being cold, rejecting
  • Yelling at them, blaming or belittling a child
  • Not supporting, encouraging, guiding or showing positive behavior towards the child

Physical Indicators:

Speech disorders:

  • Stuttering
  • Baby Talk
  • Unresponsiveness

Failure to thrive:

  • Small for age
  • Underweight

Behavioral indicators:

  • Hyperactivity
  • Learning disabilities
  • Sleep disorders
  • Difficulty following rules or directions
  • Child expects to fail, so does not try